Briefly in English

Welcome to my home page!

I am a 32-year-old parliamentarian and a third season council member of Turku, also serving as the chairperson of NCP Southwest Finland and the vice chairperson of Regional council. I hold a master’s degree in both economic sciences and future studies.

Before engaging political endeavors, I was employed in the public sector and various companies along the way. Being an entrepreneur and holding position on several boards of directors have also stuck to my resume. Additionally I have been in close contact with various sports and charity organizations in the role of both prominent figure and chairperson.

My family consists of an entrepreneurial husband and 2 young children. My days off are spent by reading and doing sports.

Influential work comes naturally to me. I’m ready, willing and able to change the world to a better place step by step, Finnish Parliament being the place to execute it.

As a parliamentarian, I have participated promoting nature conservation, sports and culture, youth work, equality, sustainable economy and international development policy. My decisions are aimed at the future generation. I dream of Finland where economy maintains a sustainable growth, emissions are reduced, Baltic Sea is kept unstained, every child has at least one hobby and people are treated equally.

I’m running for my second term in the 2019 parliamentary election. My objective is to keep up the same pace I left during the previous term. The journey has been laborious, but much is still to be done.

My themes are:

1. Healthy society

Responsible society leaves no one behind. Prevention, family services and opportunities for children’s activities are highlighted. Parental leave reform is executed.

2. Sustainable economic growth

Economic growth and employment are in urgent demand in order to maintain our welfare society. However, the growth needs to remain sustainable. Economic growth should not result in further emissions in any shape or form. The key to growth lies within businesses/corporations.

3. Responsible use of natural resources

We cannot afford to spend more than we earn nor at the expense of future generations. Emissions must be reduced at highest priority. Consuming disposable products should be halted. Circular economy provides the solution.

You can be further acquainted with my work, themes and ideas by navigating to my blog, which is updated on a weekly basis.


My report on the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea can be found here.

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