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I am Member of Parliament (born in 1986) from Turku, Southwest Finland. I hold two master’s degrees from international master’s programmes: Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration and Master of Arts in Futures Studies. Both of my degrees have a strong focus on sustainable decision-making. You can read more on my education and experience from my LinkedIn profile. My family consists of husband Sami (CEO and entrepreneur) and our two children (born 2013 an 2017). My days off are spent by enjoying time with my family, especially on the sea, and doing sports.

When I started my political career more than a decade ago, it seemed that the world was developing towards goals I welcomed warmly. Sustainability, equality, women´s rights and UN Millennium Development Goals seemed, at the time, to be achievable. Unfortunately development is rarely linear and as we have noticed, we have to work not only to promote the progress but also to ensure our achievements are permanent.

To be able to influence matters which are important to me, I decided to take part in politics. Currently I work as a second term parliamentarian. My weeks in the Finnish Parliament consist of the plenaries, Committee meetings and sessions with relevant stakeholders. I am a member of the Grand Committee and Environment Committee. I also have chairmanships in several NGO´s working of the fields of economics, sustainable development, equality and foreign policy.

Even though development can take back-steps from time to time, I am ever more focused and motivated to use my capacity for a better future – my decision-making is based on the idea of sustainable development and aimed at the best of future generations. I work towards a future where economy maintains a sustainable growth, emissions are reduced, Baltic Sea is kept unstained, every child has at least one hobby and people are treated equally.

  1. Healthy society

A responsible society leaves no one behind. Prevention, family services and opportunities for children’s activities are highlighted. The sustainable level of equality is achieved.

  1. Sustainable economic growth

We are in urgent need of economic growth and employment in order to maintain the welfare society we have today. However, growth needs to be sustainable. Economic growth should not result in further emissions. The key to growth lies within businesses/corporations. I believe in the potential of circular economy.

  1. Responsible use of natural resources

We cannot afford to spend more than we earn nor at the expense of future generations. Emissions must be reduced at highest priority. Consuming disposable products should be halted.

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